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Katerina Fox banana bag – a stylish necessity for every day

Could we imagine that a doubtful accessory of 90th in several decades will become the real trend. A new designers’ view turned banana bag into a stylish element, necessary for each fashionmonger. And for a reason.

This bag became popular thanks to its special practicality, which allows to have hands free. And surely, it is loved for its unique design. At least it is true for leather banana bags by Katerina Fox! They have a distinctive design that makes them in a class by itself for not only spring and summer, but also winter women’s outfits.


When there is the issue of a fashionable look creation, the banana bags are second to none. You may easily combine them with plenty of images, making it a harmonious detail or an unusual emphasize.

Made of natural leather, Katerina Fox banana bags exult with a colors variety. Our collection has sole-colored bags, as well as accessories with interesting color-blocks. 
The range of shades is quite wide, so that each lady could find a model for her outfit.


Women’s leather banana bags perfectly fit the sport-chic style. Nevertheless, it will be quite balanced with casual too. You may complement with this comfortable bag any look which will benefit from such an alliance to your mind. Don’t fear step over the bounds of fashion trends!


In order not to get lost in the variety of offers, decide on the desired color of belt bag and then start exploring the assortment. If you want something bright and unusual, then see the models among which you will surely find the one which inspires you.

Banana bags is a highly demanded accessory, especially in a warm season. That is why it is better to consider the purchase of several models at once – more classical and brightly designed ones. It allows creating different stylish looks quickly and easy.  

Belt bags by Katerina Fox will impress you with a perfect quality and long life. Natural leather makes them resistant to wear and impeccable. You only have to enjoy our small piece of art and excite the surrounding people with your perfect taste. It is easy to be gorgeous with us!

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