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Worldwide delivery!

About Us

Katerina Fox – it is all about everlasting love for genuine leather handbags and accessories. This brand was launched in 2014 and continues to produce stylish and authentic products that inspire new ideas for beautiful and perfect outfits. 

Katerina Fox collections always reflect fashion trends and stand out for their unique charm and originality. These handbags are amazingly combined with quality, comfort and aesthetics. They are not only eye-catching but they also make your outfit interesting and attractive. 

Every handbag which was created by dedicated enthusiasts is an art. In our manufacturing process we use exclusively high-quality materials, ranging from fittings to genuine leather from reliable producers. The love for our work can be seen in every detail.

Katerina Fox lineup is quite diverse: it varies from classics to unique design choices. One of our strong points is combining different textures and colors. We don’t limit our imagination with fashion trends and are always up for experiments.

Get inspired with us and enjoy the impeccable quality of our products!