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About Us

We are in love with our job and we know how to create good quality and beautiful bags. We are constantly trying to make them even better. We choose only the best materials for our products, add a pinch of inspiration and fill it all with love. We only trust really talented people, the masters of their craft, to create the final product, and in the end we get the desirable excellent results, that we are proud to present here now.

The manufacturing process is realized with the modern equipment of the new generation by high-level professionals.

There are more than 100 colors and tints of leather and also its texture (python, crocodile, nubuck, chamois, nappa, flotar, wickerwork and others) in our stock. We buy up leather mainly in Italia.

Our principle is: inside bags must look as good as outside. That is why we use qualitative and beautiful lining, metal zippers and leather finish.

The result of our work you can value here https://katerinafox.ua/en/women