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Discount - 30% in Sale


The warranty period for products Katerina Fox from the manufacturer - 3 months.


1. Leather goods shall be stored in a well-ventilated place. A very important storage condition is air access to the leather goods (do not store leather goods in plastic bags).

2. Dry and store wet goods only at room temperature, away from hot air and heating appliances.

3. Do not carry too heavy objects. Avoid overloading when goods weigh more than 4 kg per 0.025 m3 (i.e. with a size of 0.4m * 0.3m * 0.2m)

4. Prevent from force application in the places of opening/closing of the locks, buckles, buttons, etc. First remove the obstacle preventing from normal opening.

5. Close zippers, keeping the other hand on the opposite side of the closing place.

6.  Prevent the strong wetting of products.

7. Avoid long-term exposure to direct sunlight.

8. Regularly wipe the metal parts with a soft cloth.

9. Keep magnetic clasps away from the objects with magnetic properties.

10. Clean dirt with specially designed tools for each type of leather. Please try the cleaning substance on small invisible area. While cleaning leather goods do not use in any case such solutions, as: gasoline, acetone, etc.

11. Do not lean the goods to colouring things.

12. Avoid contact of the leather goods with perfumes.

13. Do not exert excessive pressure, leading to deformation of the goods.

14. Keep and transport shaped leather goods (for example, frame bags or other goods, having elastic shape) only with inner filling.

Compliance with all rules and terms of use, as well as few minutes of care for your favourite item will ensure long-lasting comfort and beauty.

Thank you for your purchase!