Worldwide delivery!
Worldwide delivery!

Warranty and return

Manufacturer's warranty for all Katerina Fox products shall be of 3 months (90 calendar days)

     Return or exchange of goods of good quality that were not in use, according to the Law of Ukraine "On consumer protection" shall be made within 14 days, not counting the day of purchase. To do this, you must have a passport and a payment document (cash or product receipt in the original). The exchange of product shall be carried out only if the product is not in use and provided that its presentation, labels and protective films are preserved.

     If you discover a manufacturing defect during the warranty period, you can contact the manufacturer by writing an email to, or contact phone numbers listed on the site. You will be offered a free repair or exchange for a similar product. Repairs are carried out within 5-10 business days.
Please note: the delivery cost is not included in the guarantee maintenance!

Not subject to return or exchange:

1. Individual orders. An individual order is an order in which any changes have been made at the request of the client. For example, changing the color, size or style.

2. Products with defects that occurred during operation:
a) mechanical damage (cuts, abrasions, punctures, burns, etc.)
b) deformation due to improper use of the product, drying, or the action of chemicals or other substances.
c) damage to the product that is the result of non-compliance with the operating rules.
The guarantee does not apply to products marked down for defects that have been notified to the buyer in advance

During the guaranty period these are not the product defects:

1. Heterogeneity of the surface of a leather product that has a natural pattern. This is not a sign of poor quality, but only emphasizes its naturalness.
2. Natural wearing away of leather and accessories – the appearance of scuffs, scratches, shape changes.
3. Acquisition by the light leather of dark coloring of clothing (jeans, denim jackets, etc.).

Rules of operation for leather accessories.

1. Leather products should be stored in a well-ventilated place. A very important storage condition is air access to leather products (do not store leather products in plastic bags).

2. Dry wet leather products and store only at room temperature, away from hot air and heating devices.

3. Do not carry excessively heavy items. Avoid overloading with weight of more than 4 kg by 0.025 m3 (i.e. dimensions 0.4 m*0.3 m*0.2 m)

4. Prevent applying force in places of opening/closing of locks, buckles, buttons, etc. You must first remove the obstacle that prevents normal opening.

5. Zippers must be closed with the help of other hand holding the side opposite to the place of closure.

6. Do not allow products to get too wet.

7. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

8. Regularly wipe the metal parts with a slightly damp, soft cloth without alcohol or other reagents.

9. Keep magnetic fasteners away from objects with magnetic properties.

10. Pollution should be cleaned with specifically designed tools for each type of leather. We recommend that you contact a professional dry cleaning service for your leather. When cleaning a leather product, you should never use harsh solutions: alcohol, gasoline, acetone, etc.

11. Do not lean products against things that are being painted.

12. Avoid contact with perfumes to leather goods.

13. Do not apply excessive pressure leading to deformation of the product.

14. Molded leather products (for example, frame bags or other products that have an elastic shape) should only be stored and transported with an internal packing.

15. Do not wear dark and deep colored suede bag in close contact with light color clothes. Suede may paint clothes since fine particles of paint remain between it's villi. Therefore this is not a poor quality of leather but it's feature.


Compliance with all the rules and usage conditions of leather products will give you a long life of your favorite thing.