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5 reasons to get a leather Gladstone bag from Katerina Fox

A Gladstone bag was once an attribute of travelers. Moreover, exclusively of male ones. However, today women can also enjoy its practicability. It has become a full-fledged bag that fits perfectly into the wardrobe of a modern stylish lady.

This is not anymore a big Gladstone bag that was bought for trips into distant countries. Fashion transformed it, made it more feminine and compact, which allows of the use of it to create an interesting and distinctive image.

And if you still don’t have this accessory, get it right urgently, because it is on trend again. But beside this, there are at least 5 reasons why you should take a closer look at the feminine leather Gladstone bag.

Reason No.1

This kind of bag is all-season. You can adorn your looks with it in any weather without taking into account the time of year. Having bought a small Katerina Fox Gladstone bag, you will be able to complement both your summer sundress and fall coat with it. It will be beautiful and harmonious in any case.

Reason No.2

Women’s Gladstone bag has no age restrictions. Despite the vintage name, the current models of this type of bag are made in the most contemporary design, which impresses with its style and exquisiteness. It is sufficient just to look at the range of them in order to get a carving for one for your wardrobe. And it is irrelevant that you are 18 or 53.

Reason No.3

Practicability is also a thing that attracts modern-day fashion-mongers to the Gladstone bag. Along with its external compactness, it is roomy enough that cannot but give joy. Plus, it has two comfortable handles, which allow carrying it as conveniently. On shoulder or in hand – it depends only on personal preferences of its owner.

Reason No.4

Durability, wear-resistance – and many more qualities are guaranteed for an item by genuine leather. Any such accessory will look luxurious and be worn for innumerable number of years. And the Katerina Fox leather Gladstone bag is not an exception. Neither rain, nor burning sun is a threat with such one. The main thing is proper and timely care.

Reason No.5

Stylishness of a Gladstone bag makes it possible to create outfits, which would take one’s breath away! Especially, if it combines an interesting texture and color. In addition, this accessory is not strongly tied to fashion trends and is always trending. So, having bought a genuine leather Gladstone bag from Katerina Fox, you may forget about searching for a new bag for a long time.


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