Leather Love: Katerina Fox Bags


I have a thing for bags.  Most women do right?  Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets starry eyed when the leather bags roll by?!  I have a long-term attachment to Fossil bags, but after stumbling across “Katerina Fox Bags” on Etsy…. brace yourself… we have a contender!  KF bags are gorgeous, luxurious, leather bags made in Kyiv, Ukraine.  I’ve since had the privilege to get the inside story on these beauties from Katerina herself, and look forward to sharing with you!

 How did you start make KF handbags?

“My beloved man inspired me to create bags: he started to produce tablet cases, mobile phones cases and so on. I was very engaged in the process of choosing leather and picking a model as well as in the production process itself. I assisted him with everything. Since then, I began to think about my own product. I had decided upon producing bags, which are my favorite accessories.”

 What inspires you?

“All that is beautiful inspires me. It can be a flower, a painting, a cake, a dress and even a cat. It was a cat who made possible the combination of colors such as white, beige and ginger in my collection.”

 What makes your handbags special?

“To me, the attention to details makes my bags special. There are not unimportant or trivial things for me. Everything is well thought-out. The exigent attitude toward particular things in turn helps to hone the skill.
I impose heavy demands on my bags because I take each of them as my own. In my life, I use many of them myself, so I strive for perfection in making bags, as I interpret it.”

If you had to pick, what would be your top three favorite KF items? 

“It is hard to choose the most favorite one from my bags as all of them are equally precious to me. I think the best-loved models are yet to come. So, I just call the three models that definitely worthy of attention:”